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What if I am not satisfied with RM Dentistry?

You may directly contact our manager, Larry, at, to express your dissatisfaction.

Who does a better cleaning, the dentist or the hygienist?

In Canada, dental hygienists must study full-time for about 2 years. During these years, dental hygienists focus mostly on clinical skills.  Dentists, on the other hand, spend 7-8 years in study. In the first 3-4 years to obtain their bachelor's degree. The next 4 years strictly study to become a dentist, in which dental hygiene is a module that is studied for a short period while learning other procedures as well. In theory, a dental hygienist has more hands-on training with dental cleaning than a dentist and on average does a better job. Some dentists have earned their hygiene licence before becoming a dentist.

Is the pain normal during a hygiene appointment?

During your dental cleaning, it is normal to feel some soreness or pressure, especially if you have periodontal disease present. Although every hygienist may vary in hands-on skills. If you have experienced discomfort during your appointment with us, please contact us directly to express your concern.

Every office offers Invisalign for orthodontic treatment, are they all the same?

All general dentists can provide Invisalign service as it is easy to learn. Unlike traditional braces, they do not require patients to visit the clinic every month and there are no more risks of losing metal attachments. Invisalign can only handle relatively simple cases. For complex cases, it's still necessary to have a doctor with a background in orthodontics. We had encountered cases of undesired results produced from another office and seeking additional treatment with us. It is important to communicate with the dentist and finds the one with the right experience and shared aesthetic preferences.

How do I keep my braces clean?

Our team will provide you with a comprehensive education on how you can keep your braces or Invisalign as clean as possible. We will provide you will samples of what you will need to clean your braces more easily. In addition, we follow up on your cavities and hygiene schedule to ensure complete oral health. Your hygiene schedule will be booked per your braces adjustment appointment so that we can remove your braces before your hygiene to provide you with a complete cleaning. 

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